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Controllo qualità
Quality Control
In order to procure total quality control, ACS invests continually in human resources and the most modern inspection systems for the circuit boards produced. Visual inspection systems AOI 3D e X RAY machine

In order to implement even greater improvements, the company has introduced new technologies and control modes in order to adjust its services in the best manner possible to customer requirements, specifically it is equipped with a visual ispection system AOI 3D  e X RAY machine

High-quality standards have always been intrinsic to ACS's corporate philosophy. Production upgrading, in terms of both equipment and human resources, has, in recent years, enabled the company to further improve its product offering for the entire production chain: working better, in a more specialised and organised manner yields constant quality and high quality levels.

Inspection activities, as a second step, are a fundamental aspect in the fabrication process of quality circuit boards. The customer must have the guarantee that his products comply with all the specifications and functions requested, as well as guaranteeing their programmed useful life.

ACS envisages testing activities that go beyond simple bench tests and generic equipment, by conducting in-depth inspections using dedicated and automated instruments or inspection tools provided by customers. Initial consulting activities will enable us to identify the formula most suitable for all technical and economic exigencies.
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