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Magazzino ACS
The warehouse and express service
ACS can offer customers a bespoke component procurement service. The service guarantees express material purchases at the best price and a dedicated, productive capacity. In this manner ACS can provide an immediate production service that offers a real solution to the industry's needs.

The company's strongpoint continues to remain its customer service, in terms of quality, flexibility. From this standpoint, its warehouse represents one of ACS's most distinctive competitive features: by constantly maintaining a high number of passive and active components, appropriately catalogued and stored, the company can offer its customers a fast-track productive service, also in high-volume terms, with a very limited response time. For these reasons ACS's procures components all over the world, at the best conditions possible rather than simply at the best prices. This management process can be tailored to specific needs by procuring dedicated components at the best market conditions in order to perform an express service, whenever required, as well as enabling the production of circuit boards with bespoke characteristics and technology.
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